Born in 1996 in Vienna, Valentina Himmelbauer grew up as a Burgenland Croatian in a small town in southeastern Austria. Fascinated by the world of film and theatre, she took her first acting steps as a little girl in a local theatre group. Valentina and her enthusiasm for acting grew more and more, so that after finishing the Bilingual Federal High School in Oberwart, she couldn't help it but turn her passion into a profession: In 2015 she started her acting training at Vienna's Filmacademy (Acting school for Theatre and Film), which she successfully completed in 2018. Her acting education was finally complemented by the Stage Readiness Examination, which she passed in 2019 at the Kammerspiele Theatre in Vienna. In the very same year one of her most formative theatre roles took the young actress to Vienna's Pygmalion Theatre, where she embodied the female lead of Alice in the duodrama The Contract. She also took on leading roles in front of the camera, such as in the feature film When the Woodlark Sings by Austrian director Ana Bilić. 

In addition to her passion for the world of acting, her interest in history also prompted her to take up a bachelor's degree in history at the University of Vienna, which she completed in 2021.